What is NQnext?

NQnext focuses on Non-Qualified Plan participants receiving benefit distributions when they are ages 55 to 70. At this point in their lives they may not need the additional cash flow. There is a good chance however, they understand the benefits of Long Term Care, Life Insurance and Annuities to help them secure their future for themselves, their children or grandchildren.

Many people in this age group have seen their parents or parents of friends near the end of their lives and they understand the importance of  affordable care for individuals in their later years.

The focus of this blog is to create a community of ideas addressing these needs. I personally experienced the end of my own Father’s life and have seen how proper planning can help bring a family together as we helped Dad on his journey in the last two months of his life. His family was able to focus on him. Had Dad not addressed his insurance needs when he was healthy, the end of his life would have been a cause of great stress for all of us who cared for him. As it was, we all had closure. We are at peace. Thank you Dad for taking care of us.



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