About NQnext the Blog

imageNon-Qualified Plans help the business community design benefit packages for owners and key employees. Typically these benefits are paid when they leave the company or at retirement and sometimes the total sum is paid in five installments or less. These plans are similar to Qualified Retirement Plans yet have enough differences to warrant a separate discussion.

NQnext focuses on the Non-Qualified Plan participant during three critical times during the life of the plan:

1 – Early Accumulation
2 – One year prior and the year leading up to distribution
3 – The distribution period

At NQnext we believe many plan participants want to tell a story about their lives with how they use the payments coming from the plan. This is a work in progress and I am excited about NQnext growing by word of mouth. I hope you check in often.


Doug Marshall – Founder of NQnext

You are welcome to contact me directly:

E Mail – jdougmar@gmail.com – Mobile – 206-605-4695


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