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This idea is still developing in my head, the idea of modeling NQnext after the Open Source Business model. Open Source is typically associated with software. WordPress, the blogging software I use here is built on an Open Source framework. It is a great business story. I suppose it would be difficult to “Open Source” the car making business but I suspect there may be parts of the automobile industry that could benefit from some form of Open Source development when it comes to public safety perhaps. But this is getting away from the point here.

In my Amazon wish list is a book – “Flash Foresight – See the Invisible to Do the Impossible” – Authored by Daniel Burrus. I have not purchased yet only to avoid diluting my current reading list of over half a dozen books. What got the book into my wish list was an excerpt from the books summary identifying seven triggers to Flash Foresight…. The first three are:

1 – Start with certainty (use hard trends to see what’s coming.)
2 – Anticipate (base your strategies on what you know about the future).
3 – Transform (use technology-driven change to your advantage).

Here is what I know…. The population is getting older and people are living longer. Elderly care will be taking a greater toll on families than ever before, financially, emotionally and physically. Technology can create access to products and resources and it can transform the delivery of solutions for the elderly.

So why is an Open Source concept the model I want to use for NQnext? Because the emerging need for better solutions for the aging population impacts everyone. Open Source will allow NQnext to be nimble and adapt more quickly.

Simon Sinek wrote a book – “Start With Why” – He points out that all companies know WHAT they do but the ones that make the most impact understand the WHY of their business.

The WHY of NQnext – We are building NQnext to change the lives of people and their families as they face the prospect of living longer. NQnext is giving them a story to tell to their families. How and What NQnext does will be driven by the stories people want to tell about themselves.

I do not have enough imagination to consider all the possibilities thus the need for an Open Source approach. This will give me a chance to work with some very creative people. This is going to be an awesome adventure.

Thank you for reading!

Doug Marshall


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