NQnext – Designed to Work with Plan Participant’s Current Financial Advisors

What makes NQnext unique is the commitment to work with a Non-Qualified Plan Participant’s Current Financial Advisors. This immediately puts the plan sponsor at ease and makes it easier to introduce the NQnext platform.

Here is how it works – 12 Months before the Executive is to receive the first Non-Qualified Plan Distribution a NQnext package is delivered. The package is best communicated online and preferably in a tablet format. Their benefit payments will be explained along with the expected taxation. NQnext describes the Long Term Care and Life Insurance options available to the executive in an interactive format.

In about fifteen minutes the executive will have a greater understanding of the benefits of NQnext for their family. Keep in mind the age of executives will typically range from 55 to 70, an excellent time to put the coverage in place and they have a source of funds from the Non-Qualified Plan.

At the end of the program if the executive decides to pursue additional NQnext coverage they will be given the choice to work directly with NQnext or their Current Financial Advisor. If they choose their own advisor, NQnext will send directly to the Personal Advisor all of the information in the NQnext package. If the advisor agrees with the recommendations then if desired NQnext can facilitate the implementation of the plan including applications, underwriting and delivery.

We think this approach makes the most sense. What do you think?

Thank you for reading!

Doug Marshall


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